Friday, March 27, 2009

So much going on!!

We had a wonderful trip to Austin over spring break & got to hang with Dale's sister & her daughter. It was great. The kids all got along & we toured the capital building. There was a protest going on, we saw the senators doing their thing & I lost my cell phone on the grounds. After a few minutes of freaking out and a quick prayer to St. Anthony, we set out to find it. Less than 3 minutes later my phone was safe in my hands again. Two hours later it broke & I had to buy a new one. True story, I promise! The best thing for Grayson was using Madie's backyard zip line! Brian wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole, but G loved it!! Brian's favorite thing was getting into Madie's dresser drawer where she keeps her treasures. Brian never did get the chicken pox, I started my migraines again & am now doing much better--this is where modern medicine ROCKS and I am definitely taking a postpartum doula training class in June!

Grayson on the zip line!!

Brian in front of the Capital building.

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