Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer is here and decluttering started

So the title says it all to me. I have a huge challenge ahead of me. I don't think our home functions very well and everywhere I turn around there is "stuff". Some if it will stay, some will be trashed & most of it will be donated or freecycled. We live in a busy neighborhood & if I put something on the curb, it is almost always gone before sunset. LOVE THAT~I don't have time for Craig's List, even though our stuff is good enough to sell. My time is more important at this point.

This brings me to why I am trying to get rid of the stuff. I can't clean easily. If I have to move stuff to clean it, I won't do it. I need to streamline our belongings--keeping what is loved, needed and wanted. Purging what is unnecessary to us. That is really hard!

My goal is to complete a room in 2 weeks. That may seem like a lot of time for just a room, but with Dale's schedule & our summer plans--I know I can make the goal.

First room up is the playroom/computer area. It is a main focus when you walk in the front door and I just bought my new desk & shelving. Dale & I are going to put it together Sunday evening and Wednesday when he is off. I am going to post a before & after...

The good thing is that these pics were taken last year. I have purged some of the big things in the room and reorganized the big toy shelf. The huge dark piece that housed all my doula & scrapbooking/crafting stuff will be gone this weekend. We are saving up for a new computer hutch area and that will come from Ikea, I am sure. That is where we bought my shelving & desk...$150.00 deal of the year.
Okay, so I publically posted my mess. Admitting is step one, right??

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  1. Mary - I am an organizational freak...I wish I were close enough to help you - I would have so much fun –although you might cry! ;-) Good luck & post finished product pictures. (Trish)