Wednesday, July 17, 2013

10 Things I Learned in June

1. I don’t like it when the temp is already 85 when I wake up.

2.  My friends are an amazing source of strength.

3. I love my kids, but need my bubble of space.

4. I miss sleeping through the’s been 6 years.

5.  I bought a gift for miles and they were cloth diapers, new wipies, and a pail liner. It made me happy to buy fluff. What would my 20 year old self say about that?

6.  Scouring the internet for hair cut ideas is super fun.

7. There is an app called Clear and I adore it. It is a to do list on my phone that is fun to use.

8. Getting Miles’ medical paperwork file set up took longer than I expected, but it is done. All I need to do is add appropriately.

9. I am completely booked up for doula clients in 2013. That makes me happy.

10. According to the stack of non-fiction books on my nightstand, reading non fiction is very enjoyable for me.


1 comment:

  1. Kris looked through the archive on my Kindle and told me I'm a nerd. As if that was suddenly a new discovery!