Friday, January 22, 2010

Brian's cast!

Yesterday the boys were being a bit crazy & playing in the living room. Well, a few loud yells turned into a huge scream & some crying. Grayson accidentally pushed the sofa against Brian's wrist & hand, resulting in a 2 hour crying experience. We called the pedi. and he recommended us to come in in the morning to get an X-ray. We did & we were told that there were no fractures or breaks in the hand & finger areas. YEAH!!! Off to nursery school we went since Brian was askign for it since Grayson was dropped off at his school. A few hours later, we received a message from the pedi. saying there was a small fracture in the wrist. Off to the orthopedic specialist within 30 minutes and Brian was picking out his color for the cast. We opted for the super duper fancy waterproof version & it can be completely submerged in water without any problems...we'll see how he does for the next weeks.

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