Saturday, September 4, 2010

Can't believe it has been this long!

So, it is offical:
I stink at keeping up with my blogs!

The important stuff:

Liam is 6 months old, has 4 teeth & 3 more on the way, crawls, sits, blows raspberries, pulls up, furniture cruises (just a step or two) and has finally learned to sit down gently instead of plopping & whacking his head--ouch!

Grayson is 9.5 years old, has some of his teeth and waiting for more to fall out, started 4th grade this past August, is crazy, loud, but not as loud as Brian, funny, loves golf, smart, into Harry Potter, gems, stones and science stuff and reading. We've been riding bikes to school and it is a fun way to get a bit of excerise early in the morning.

Brian is 3.5 years, has all his teeth, started nursery school again--2 days a week, is LOUD, active, crazy and sweetness all rolled into one. He will get evaluated for speech therapy towards the end of the month...he's doing some deletions & substitutions.

I'm doing SOO much better with the postpartum depression issue. I mailed the OB who performed Liam's cesarean birth a letter & told her that her bedside manner sucked. I haven't heard back though:) LOL I've gone full force into the birth doula world and have had 7 clients in the past 3 months. I'm changing church nursery jobs and hoping to expand my doula business a bit more this upcoming year.

Dale is fine and likes his job! He has turned into a man of few words~and he still doesn't like his picture taken:)

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