Friday, April 8, 2011


The annual bluebonnet time was leaving us quickly. I have this THING that I have to have the boys pictures in the bluebonnets every year. So, Dale & I grab the kids after school and quickly pick out somewhat coordinating outfits from their closets and drive to the wildflower patch.
Of course, no one wants their picture taken and I soon turn into THAT know the one whose head starts turning and you laugh because her kids aren't doing what they are supposed to do and they are all crossed eyed!
I quickly realize that it just isn't going to happen and figure I don't need magazine worthy images. I just want ONE picture of each kid. Pressure off and now the camera stops working. Totally stops.
I check everything: battery, memory card, the other memory card, etc. Nada. Oh well. I feel bad, but I can't do anything about it. We go home & I'm steaming in the front seat because I don't want a broken camera.
We get home, eat dinner and I try the camera again. IT WORKS!!! We quickly drive back to the field and realize every other family in Denton is doing the same thing. Just one for each with no boogies is my mantra. So, while these aren't magazine worthy-they show an accurate account of just how darn cute and handsome my three fellas really are and that, my friends, is what really matters in the end.

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  1. They turned out great after all that! Such handsome young men.