Tuesday, May 3, 2011


As you know, I have three young boys. They really are the loves of my life, but I am a busy mom. JUST like every other mom I know. I do stuff. I attempt to keep a clean house, I volunteer at preschool and public school, I read, I spend way too much time on the computer and I actually cook meals five nights a week.

The one thing I miss terribly is sleep. I can't seem to get anything checked off my list during the day when the boys are busy and here. They go to sleep, around 8:30pm, and I get my time to do whatever. I normally do housework and catch up on my t.v.

That brings me back to sleep. Grayson started sleeping through the night the night after he stopped breastfeeding-12 months and 1 day. Brian is 4 and still wakes up at least once per night. He is not breastfeeding. Liam wakes up-and I am very serious when I type this-at least once every 2 hours. He is breastfeeding. I have tried a few things to help him sleep better, but nothing is working.

I AM TIRED!! I haven't slept more than 4 hours straight in the past freaking 4 years. I know this is a season in my life, but I hope that it changes soon. I feel that I am not being my best ME because of it. This is a small complaint compared to dealing with other BIG issues like cancer or a job loss, but it effects me daily.

Now, I am off to bed for some needed sleep:)

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