Monday, August 12, 2013

10 Things I Learned in July

  1. Menu planning is my friend.
  2. The official grocery shopping job has happily been given to Dale to do.
  3. Christmas gift planning and shopping has begun.
  4. Miles rolls over and there is no stopping him.
  5. Liam idolizes his big brothers. I pray daily for them to be the best role models they can be.
  6. Brian is so very passionate about everything!  He's going to change the world one day.
  7. Grayson has a beautiful soul and is trying to fulfill his vision of growing up with grace.
  8. I hope when I am old I am able to recall the feeling of the weight of a sleeping baby in my arms.
  9. Meeting the cardiothoracic surgeon was a great idea.
  10. I feel like I am stumbling through the gift of motherhood most days, but have realized that all mothers are too. No one knows the journey.

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