Saturday, August 3, 2013

Details! Details! Details!

We met with our cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Vincent Tam, who is the medical director of the Heart Center at Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth, Tx., on 7/25.

This appointment was a "meet & greet" along with a Q&A portion. I'm glad we had it since it gave us some answers about very specific questions we had. Some questions he wasn't able to answer, but assured us that the nurses during pre-op would be able too.

The BIGGEST thing that we discovered during this appointment is how much heart defect repair is not an exact science yet. The diagnostic tools have come so far in the last few years, but essentially, until Miles is opened up, Dr. Tam isn't exactly sure how messed up everything is going to be. On the bright side, he hasn't lost a baby to this surgery since 1996.

We went over the ECHO results and while reviewing, he was giving us a tour of the defects. Right now, Miles is weighing in with a whopping 4 defects in his heart. This is different than the original thought of two.

The original atrioventricular defect was about 7mm, it is now approximately 12 mm. The primum atrial defect is about 10mm, the small ventricular defect is about 2mm, and finally, the mitral valve is currently stuck in the open position.  Surgery is expected to be between  4-6 hours in length with a hospital stay of 4-5 days with zero complications. Miles will be 22 weeks old.

Pre-Op is Wednesday at 10am.

Miles 16 weeks
Photo Credit: Heidi Thaden-Pierce of Better Birth Doula

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