Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 6 - When your Ipod is on shuffle, what are the first 10 songs it might play.

Thinking about this list made me really take notice about how eclectic my music selections are. Each song has meaning behind it for different places I have been in my life.

1) With or Without You--U2...I fell in love with this song in high school & it is "our song"..and Bono's hot!.

2) What Would You Do Today if You Were Brave?--Jana Stanfield...I first heard this song at Camp Jon Marc (when I was a counselor for Camp Muscular Dystrophy). It was played live by Jana & I cried. It made me realize that I am a very strong woman who can overcome with tolerance.

3)When We Dance--Sting...a true love song

4) Margaritaville--Jimmy Buffet...a classic

5) Suspicious Minds--Elvis Presley...another classic

6)Something Like That--Tim McGraw...a catchy tune that makes me think of my "dating" days

7) I Would Die 4 U--Prince, when he was actually Prince. Awesome song!

8) La Belle Dame Sans Regrets--Sting...another love story all in French--amazing song--Sting is another hottie~

9) Friends in Low Places--Garth Brooks...College Days-need I say more?

10) Psalm 23--Temple & of my laboring songs for Brian & Liam's births. I originally heard this at a birth I was photographing.

I have alot more but these are my top 10!

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