Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 5 - Short term goals for this month and dreams for your life ahead.

So, this is day 5 on day 16 of November...I just don't use time well obviously. I'm going to set goals for December instead:

*finish my 2010 item purge with 2011 items out of my house
*decide which baby equipement we are keeping
*talk talk talk about baby #4--notice I didn't say try try try:) LOL
*make an effort to look pretty everyday (hair & some sort of make up)
*sort through my wardrobe & only keep the clothing I feel good in. Everything else has to go.
*make Brian & Liam's Christmas stockings before the 24th of December
*write my 2011 goals and aspirations
*make my own Motivated Moms house blessing checklist
*start walking & excerising again (going to do that today though). You can't complain if you are sitting on your tush most some parts of the day:)

Dreams for my life ahead:
be present, be more kind, listen to my children more, learn to say "No" more efficiently and read as much as I can! I love reading. Oh, be 99% debt free by 2012 (not including our mortgage).

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